Saturday, April 14, 2007

The endangered animal..

Even if there are many kinds of pet available in market, some people still favor in unusual animals. They try to feed these animals like a pet but they don’t insight their animal behavior enough. Because of uniqueness, they seek for the unusual pet, such as; wild animals, snakes, or ocean animals. In my country, unusual pets are popular and spread to the customer who likes unusual animals. Even though, there has a campaign to against illegal, some merchants still sneak to continue their business. For instance, blue-ring squid is very popular in the pet market. It was brought from the deep sea and its poison is more violent than king cobra and no anti-serum. Some of teenagers were killed by this poison. As a result, Thai government has issued the law for protect illegal wild trade. However, people who want to have unusual pet should learn the animal’s behavior and know how to control them from society. Especially, the pet’s owner should have responsibility by keep them in the privacy area if their pets are endangered.

Black Music..

I believe music is influenced for our society. There are many kinds of music in the market which segmentation depends on target groups such as; country, pop, rock, and hip-hop. In this case, it can recognize in hip-hop or black music which was found in Brooklyn, New York. African-American or black people produced black music from their experience. Therefore, some songs were contained by slang or impolite words. Unbelievable, black music became one of the most popular music in our society. It directly affected minor to imitate in behavior. For example, much black music talked about drugs or brutality. Minors tend to believe in the wrong value-judgment or involve with crimes. However, parent should give some advices to their children in value-judgment.


Whenever the people have fun, they can feel many kinds of emotion and one of the most emotions is joy. It might be different in many definitions. What is joy? In dictionary, joy means feeling of the great pleasure or happiness or source of pleasure. In my definition, joy is more than source of pleasure. It also contains respondency of human needs because it’s necessary for human needs to connect with other people that are society. For example, when I hang out with my friends, we always share the joke or experience. If I feel exciting or feel good with something, I recognize that isn’t joy but happy. Therefore, joy in my definition have to join with two people or more whether it has activity or not.

Monday, April 2, 2007

The bat cave...

When I was studied in high school, I had joined the Boy Scout which was forced by the Ministry of Education. At the second year, my school assigned location for camping in the natural park where is surrounded with waterfall and caves. I was very exciting because I had stayed overnight outside my home. I chose the best location to pitch a tent for shelter where I took only ten steps to waterfall. The water is very cold that I can steep my soda like steep in refrigerator. I trekked so far to the natural cave, Pha-Tai, where is the ancient cave. Cave structure is horizontal which is full of stalagmite. Because of antique, there are many images of Buddha for traveler to respect. While officer guided in the cave, my friends invited me to go another cave that is opposite this cave, called Bat cave. Unlike the first cave, this structure is vertical. We had three persons with only one flashlight. This cave is totally dark and hard to climb down because it was glissaded with bat excrement. Suddenly, the flashlight was broken and the cave is so complicated. We all had no idea what we wanted to do. I had to pray for the spirit to help us. I wait for a while and then flashlight was working again. I didn’t believe this situation will happened to me that made me scare and unforgettable.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The New Invention..

It would be great if the energy was produced by water. The natural resources were spent enormously in human life. Human tried to seek the natural resources such as oil, mineral as possible. Mining is set throughout the world where the resource has. Because of limited resource, it will be used up as long as human’s consumption increasing. A natural phenomenon will be worse such as tornado, hurricane, flooding and pollution. If scientists can invent a machine, which transform water into energy, many problems will be disappeared. For example: car can use water instead of gasoline or uses with machine in factory. Human will spend money for less because cost of product is reduced. An overflow crisis will never happen, because it is transformed into the energy. Pollution will be destroyed by pure energy. Thus, if these concept was created, our planet will be better for living.

Smoking in Minors...

Have you doubted in the smoking habit in human around you? There are caused from imitating in behavior. Not only closed friends but also Medias, which influence to person’s behavior. Friend is the main factors which can persuade to smoke easily, or minor imitate in celebrity’s behavior. Even if there are many campaigns to fight, smoking rates in minor tend to increase. For minor’s smoking, it will affect in body’s growth, waste the money, and bad personality. Smoking obstructs the mineral’s absorbing in the body. It includes in cancer possibility. It also directly destroys brain development, which causes minors having short memory. Smoking leads to poverty. Especially, if minors are strongly addicted in smoking, paying for cigarette becomes the one of major expenses. Also, smoking will addict in the minor’s habit and causes to poor personality such as bad breath or bad smell of perspiration. Consequently, minor should be protected from smoking.

Male and Female...

For long time ago, Male was a representative of strength. Almost every field of jobs, it was leaded by male such as a commander-in-chief, president, or even family leader. Because of a physical condition, male’s body is stronger than female. Therefore, male is gain advantage in labor job. Nevertheless, women roles are changed rapidly. There are some research supported that female tend to stronger than male. Even if female is disadvantageous in physical, female is stronger than male in mental. Female can be patient in stress or pressure better than male. Especially, when female pregnant or menstruation, female’s hormone is variable and they can deal with the variable of emotion. Women roles are accepted in society. For example: the main position in big firms is occupied by female, the Philippines president is female also. Women prove they have abilities as men have. Thus, the difference of gender can’t measure in ability, but male can’t do everything as female do. Meanwhile, female has ability to do many things as male. As the result, Female is stronger than male.